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Proust as Interpreter of Ruskin: The Seven Lamps of Translation (2002).

This is a fascinating story revealing the mystery of how Proust translated Ruskin’s Bible of
and Sesame and Lilies into French without knowing English.

‘a gripping, detailed and original account of Proust’s elaborate translation’ – French Studies (Oxford)
‘un livre admirablement conçu et raisonné’ – Bulletin Marcel Proust


‘A Perpetual Paradise’: Ruskin’s Northern France (2002) (with Stephen Wildman)

Ruskin’s travels and sketches in Abbeville, Amiens ‘the Venice of France’ and Rouen.

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John Ruskin, Henry James and the Shropshire Lads (2008).

A hub of activity, with John Ruskin, Henry James, Henry Adams, Osborne Gordon and many more fascinating people.

‘…informative, evocative, scholarly and at the same time accessible. The author has picked her way through the intricate relationships brilliantly’ -  Professor Jeffrey Richards, Lancaster University.


L’Œil de Ruskin: l’exemple de la Bourgogne (2011) (with Matthieu Pinette)

Burgundy was at the heart of the life and work of Ruskin for over 50 years between 1833 and 1888. Ruskin loved its rich and varied art and architecture – the Cistercian Abbey at Cîteaux, the tombs
of the Dukes of Burgundy in Dijon, a ‘melancholy house’ in Châtillon-sur-Seine, the ‘remarkable brackets’ in the cathedral of Saint-Étienne, Auxerre, the ‘exquisite proportion’ of the north tower of the cathedral of Saint- Étienne, Sens, the twisted columns of the church of Saint-Lazare, Avallon ... – and the landscape with its coteaux covered with vines producing some of France's finest wines to which Ruskin was particularly partial. This vast laboratory provided him with a wealth of material for his writings and drawings as well as a great deal of pleasure.

This book is a testimony to Franco-British cooperation at its best.

‘This beautiful book gives us valuable information about Ruskin in France.
It also highlights the importance of Ruskin’s influence on the life and work of Marcel Proust.’

William C. Carter,
Distinguished Professor of French Emeritus,
University of Birmingham at Alabama, USA


‘plenty of action, some wonderful locations, a great tale’

‘…informative, evocative, scholarly'

A Perpetual ParadiseRuskin's
Northern France


L'oeil de RuskinL'oeil de Ruskin


Henry James and the Shropshire LadsHenry James and
the Shropshire Lads


Proust as interpreter of RuskinProust as interpreter
of Ruskin